The pitch fibre is a terrible material used in the 1960s to 1970s drainage system. Fortunately, the use of pitch fibre products for pipes was abruptly stopped due to health issues and the development of cheaper but sturdier pipe materials such as plastic.

Some commercial sites and houses built during the 1960s retain their old pitch fibre drainage system. The outdated material of pitch fibre probably made the old structure’s drainage system collapse and corrode.

For most drainage repair and cleaning agencies, dealing with pitch fibre-made drainage is a nightmare. Pitch fibre is basically “tar” formed into pipe-like forms with no rings. Newer agencies often dismiss requests from pitch fibre drainage-owned homeowners because of safety reasons. There are experienced agencies like Mr. Drains that cater to pitch fibre drainage systems because they were equipped with the knowledge and tools.

Pitch Fibre Drainage Repair

Pitch fibre-type of a drainage system is a ticking time bomb. Why? The tar material of pitch fibre-type of drainage is expected to last for 40 years. Obviously, in this year, pitch fibre-type of drainage is outdated as it expired in durability 20 years ago.

There are only two ways to which pitch fibre-type drainage would go down. First, it would collapse on its own, and second, the pipes would be dented beyond repair due to corrosion and pressure. With these scenarios in mind, it’s not going to be a surprise if your house will constantly have chronic drainage problems. Repairing and cleaning would temporarily hamper the problem, but eventually, you would want to replace them fully.

In today’s topic, we’ll show you how we at Mr. Drains take care of your pitch fibre-type drainage system.

In this topic, we’ll show you how we at Mr. Drains take care of your pitch fibre-type drainage system.

The process of cleaning pitch fibre drainage systems

Pitch fibre is prone to clogging due to age and the material. The usual ways of unclogging pitch fibre drainage are through rodding, mechanical rodding, or high-pressure water jetting. The mentioned methods ultimately corrode and lessen the strength of the material, so ultimately, the contractor would recommend replacing the entire drainage system with newer and sturdier material.

The process of repairing pitch fibre drainage systems

Mr. Drains have several methods of repairing pitch fibre drainage systems. The chosen methods would be recommended and discussed with the homeowner after a survey by the team.

If the defects of the pipe include blistering and delamination with no major change in the original shape of the pipe, the pipe can be relined using a drain lining method. If there is a major deformation on the shape of the pipes, the chosen repair methods could be pipe bursting or excavation.

Each method has its pros and cons, but with pitch fibre, the renewal of pipe materials is the ultimate solution to your pitch fibre drain problem.