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As professionals in drain repair, we can easily manage any pipeline or drain repair, regardless of its size. We have years of expertise dealing with all types of drain restorations and are capable of fixing both domestic and commercial drainage systems. Additionally, we are ready to install, maintain, and replace manhole chamber covers, gullies, soil vent pipes, anti-flood systems, grease traps and pumped chamber systems.

MR Drains offers direct drain repair services throughout Kent, with a skilled team of drain professionals in fully equipped trucks.

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Our Drainage Services

Drain Clearance

As a drain travels through your property and toward the main drain or sewer, it typically gets bigger. It’s natural to believe that the likelihood of a drain becoming clogged decreases with drain size, however this is untrue. An obstruction in an outside drain is typically caused by a build-up across numerous drains used within the home; the more water discharged, the higher the risk of clogged exterior drains.

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Drain Repairs

MR Drains is a drain repair specialist with experience with a wide range of issues, including backups and blockages. You can get in touch with us right away if the drainage system in your home or place of business isn’t functioning properly so that we can take care of it ASAP. It always best to handle drainage emergency before the damage becomes worse. With the best tools, we are committed to provide excellent service at fair costs.

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CCTV drain inspections

Even if the obstruction is very minor, the CCTV drain camera is used to identify the root of the problem and then solve it. However, this technique might also be used by our qualified CCTV drainage specialists to deliver a report on the drain inspection. This report provides all the data required for a thorough evaluation of the state of the drain and the most effective course of action for the problem.

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Tree Root in Drainage

When trees are planted too close to wastewater lines, they can pose a threat to residences. Any aggressive root system that damages your drains can result in severe plumbing issues. Additionally, they can cause foundation cracks and harm patio paving, railings, and footings.

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