We offer a full drain repair service.  Following a CCTV survey, we are able to determine the cause of your broken drain, whether it be wear and tear or a root ingress.

M R Drains Ltd use drain lining (no dig technology) , which  is an innovative method of repairing your broken drain without the need to dig up your driveway, patio or garden.  You can read more about this method on our Drain Lining page.

CCTV survey footage showing a root ingress and damaged pipework

Drain lining after root ingress removal

Drainage underground clay pipe-work pipe work laid from 1900 to 1980s can move due to natural ground movement. All drainage pipe work are connected together by collars, no drainage were laid with just one single pipe, there were always collars which connected one pipe to another.

Collars are the weak point in the drain run, after years of natural ground movement, collars open and effluent flow seeps in to the surrounding sub soil, and eventually there is a void, no support beneath areas of pipe-work.

Mother nature then starts, tree root ingress grow to moisture, so with warm water from baths showers house hold waste, also there is no frost at the depths of running sewers. Drains are then blocked and damaged due to heavy tree root ingress.

All drains should be checked by CCTV Drain Surveys to ascertain the condition, with our drain lining method, to prevent further deterioration to existing pipe-work.


Drain lining is not possible if your drain has collapsed. M R Drains engineers are prepared and trained to safely excavate, remove your broken pipework and replace with new pipework.

Where possible we will mix both methods together, for example we will just dig out and replace the part of the pipework that is beyond repair and then line the rest. This saves our customers money on new pipework and the inconvenience of having more of their property excavated than necessary.

New Drain Lining

New drain installed