Picote Cutter Drain Cleaning

What is the Picote Cutter, and What Are Its Uses?

The Picote cutter is a lateral cutter that is used to help the process of drain cleaning. It can be attached to a robot for mobility purposes. The picote cutter can go through the pipe and down to the problematic drains. Hence, there is no need to excavate for drain cleaning or repair. The operator above the ground can maneuver the picote cutter below through the help of a robotic camera.

Safe, Reliable & Easy to Use For the Following:

  • Pipe imperfections and failed gaskets
  • Concrete and lead material
  • Tree roots, calcium and scale build-up

What are the Other Accessories/Types of a Picote Cutter?

Below are some of the accessories to fully experience the maximum potential of a picote cutter.

  • The Twister Range: The twister range can connect drains. It can work on clays, cast iron, and even plastics. A twister range has other types, namely, twister mini and twister express type. Each of these types has their own specifications and specializations.
  • Maxi Power Plus Cutter Range: This type of cutter is lightweight. It has slightly faster-cutting abilities than most cutters.
  • Maxi Miller Power Plus Twister Express: This type of cutter is slightly faster than the traditional Picote cutters.
Drain Cleaning with Picote Cutter

How Does A Tool Like Picote Cutter Help in Drain Cleaning?

  • The picote cutter is true to its term “cutter” because the tool literally cuts through things. It operates by clearing the drains from pipe wrinkles, epoxy slugs, lead, nails, fins, tree roots, debris, concrete, or anything that can’t be easily removed by a water jet blast.
  • The picote cutter is a flexible tool because it can fit almost any lengths and diameters.
  • Another good thing about Picote cutter is its ability to work with almost any material imaginable. For example, a picote cutter can work through PVC pipes, cast iron, clay, concrete, and more.
  • A picote cutter has a sophisticated technology that enables it to propel through pipes without damaging the original walls of the pipes or drains.
  • A picote cutter is user-friendly. Meaning, an operating agency doesn’t need to splurge so much on training fees.
  • Picote cutters can be customized. You can easily add some accessories to the tool.

Picote Mini Miller- For high speed and efficient drain cleaning

Presenting our advanced technology equipment

We are proud to add the high-speed drain cleaner-Picote Mini Miller into our excellent fleet of equipment. Picote mini miller is an advanced drain cleaning equipment that can remove the toughest blocks effortlessly.

Picot Mini Miller can be used for

  • High-speed drain cleaning
  • Blockage removal
  • Reinstating branches in sewers and drains
  • Descaling pipes
  • Internal pipe coating
Drain Cleaning with Picote Cutter
Picote Cutter Drain Cleaning

Various accessories that are compatible with Picote Mini Miller