MR Drains is pleased to serve the community of Middlesex, and with decades of industry experience, we can bring expertise and professionalism towards every drain repair project. We have an excellent safety record and regular implementation of the most up-to-date methods to provide you with the greatest drainage repairs. If you are facing any drainage issue, no matter how big or small, count on us.

At MR Drains, we are committed to provide local and affordable drain services. We respect all of our clients and continuously prioritize them; our outstanding customer service record is proof of it. A happy customer and a successful job are the two things we value most.

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We use the best-advanced technology in all aspects of our drainage services, including CCTV drain surveys. In other words, instead of jumping to conclusions, we thoroughly scan the drains to identify the issue and its root cause. Once the problem has been identified, we start drainage repairs, such as tree root cutting, drain clearance, or pest control.


Both homeowners and business owners must ensure their exterior drain is unblocked. Due to the restricted entry of possible foreign objects, internal drains are less prone to clog. But, outdoor drains clog more frequently because there are more potential obstructions, such as twigs, cardboard, branches, or plastic materials. These unwanted objects can easily clog the primary drain, which will then cause the internal drains to back up.

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No matter the problem—whether it’s a blocked drain, restroom, shower, bathroom, or sink—we have the skills and equipment to clean a drain quickly and effectively. We also deal with infestation problems and unpleasant odors. In less than 30 minutes, our drain specialist professional can assess and take care of any blocked drain issues, inside or outside of your property.

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Additionally, we can visit your residence or place of business regularly to check and maintain your drains. We aim to detect potential issues early before a serious obstruction has a chance to develop or aggravate. If you are remodeling your home or company and need drains installed or relocated, we can collaborate with contractors to deliver a reliable and safe drainage system. We offer a wide range of operations such as drainage unblocking, drain checking, drain tracking, root extraction, CCTV drainage surveys, drain excavation, and drain lining.

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