Before we do any drain repair work, we will conduct a CCTV drain survey to establish the most suitable method to deal with the drain repair.We are the experts in drain repair services, working with both commercial and domestic customers. MR Drains can deal with comprehensive range of drain repair services.

Drains repair is a straightforward process with many of the services providers. But the hazardous thing is the dirty smell and mess caused by blocked drains, which is completely inconvenient and even dangerous. So, for that is why you need emergency drain services. MR Drains is always upfront to respond for any type of drain repair and drainage relining.

Why Choose Our Drainage Services?

  • Expert Engineers for both residential and commercial drains issues.
  • Drain Lining (No Dig Technology)
  • CCTV survey before repair
  • Friendly and helpful staff

  • Affordable rates
  • 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week services
  • 20+ Years of Experience

Why do drain need repairing work?

There are many reasons why drains might need repairing. Often it’s due to the use of old pipework. Old pipes are susceptible to corrosion and can deteriorate over the years. MR Drain can do a CCTV survey and find the damage and replace with new pipes if needed.

Luckily, with the advance in technology, it is relatively simple for our engineers to diagnose broken drainage problems and decide on the best approach accordingly.It may be tempting to put off drain repairs, but neglecting drain pipe repair could result in more expensive damages in the future.

With a wealth of experience in plumbing and drainage, we are expertly positioned to deliver high-quality advice and drain repair services throughout London and the surrounding areas of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

Drain Pipe Repair Cost

We charge our service by keeping in mind the value of every single penny of our customers. Generally a drain repair cost will depend on the amount of work that will need to be carried out. But you can rest assured that MR Drain is one of the most affordable drainage companies. We do a full survey of your drainage system in order to assess the repair work that is required. We provide FREE Quotes, contact one of our friendly expert to see how much it will be repairing drain pipes in your local area.

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    Drain relining is a cost-effective method and a recommended alternative to more disruptive Drain Repairs that involve excavation. Drain lining can be done using non-intrusive ways that yield speedy, yet effective results. With excavations being more time consuming and costly, Drain Relining is usually the best option for drain repair without digging into the areas in and around your property.

    It is important to remember that drain relining is only suitable for pipes up to a certain measurement and only an expert will be able to effectively measure the damage and recommend the best possible solution. Speak with our drain line experts to obtain a FREE Quote for no-dig drain repair today.

    Pipe Lining/Relining vs. Replacement

    There are a number of reasons why you should opt for relining over replacement, some of these are:

    • Less expensive compared to the cost of excavation
    • A rapid and effective resolution in situations where time is critical
    • Ideal in situations where access to the pipes is limited
    • Pipe relining can add an additional 40 to 50 years on life expectancy of your drainage system

    MR Drains have access to the best drain relining equipment, along with skilled professionals that guarantee your drain line repair is handled promptly and effectively. Our wealth of experience in delivering expert sewer pipe lining repairs places us at the forefront of no dig drain repair service providers in the UK.


    Can your damaged drain be relined, or does it need to be replaced? 0800 328 2129 or email [email protected]


    If commercial drains get blocked or damaged it can lead to delays, inconveniences and could also lead to a loss of revenue. Commercial drains are differ from domestic drains in their size and capacity, yet are not exempt from the same kinds of drainage issues. Nowadays drain engineers are working for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so there’s always someone available to help. MR Drains provide a wide range of services for commercial customers across London and the surrounding areas of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire, call today for a free quote!

    MR Drains work with huge range of commercial partners and provide then ongoing maintenance for schools, restaurants and pubs, catering companies, care homes, industrial & commercial buildings, shopping centers and leisure centers. Our team also works with block management and facilities management companies across the region. We are able to deal with all kind of blocked commercial drains, plumbing issues and more. In the commercial sector time is everything and we are used to working quickly, efficiently and in sympathy with the organisation we are working for.

    Our Commercial Drainage Services Include:

    • Drain Unblocking & Clearance
    • Commercial Drain Jetting
    • Drain Mapping & Locating
    • Concrete Removal from Drains
    • Drainage Services for Architects
    • Repairing damage
    • Cleaning and maintaining fat traps from commercial kitchens
    • Clearing debris from drains and pipes
    • CCTV Drain Surveys
    • & more


    Discovering a problem within your drainage system above or below ground, whether it is blocked or broken, is worrying and generally occurs at the most inconvenient time. The hardest part is to know what has caused the problem. That’s where our expert team comes in.

    Our Domestic Drainage Services Include:

    • Drain Unblocking
    • Drain Clearance
    • Drain Jetting
    • Drain Mapping & Locating
    • Rodent Control
    • Emergency Drainage
    • New Drain Connections
    • Root Ingress Repair
    • Sewer Connections
    • & more

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