Drains contract maintenance

MR Drains Limited offers tailor made contract maintenance services for both internal and external cleaning.

We will visit your site for a FREE survey and offer advice and give you several cleaning options to suit your budget.

Once under contract any emergency call outs, between contracted cleans will be FREE OF CHARGE (subject to non abuse) and we aim to have an engineer on site WITHIN 3 HOURS of your call.
Any work undertaken is fully guaranteed.

We use all the latest drain cleaning equipment, high-pressure water jetting, electro mechanical cleaning and CCTV cameras to name just a few. Our vans are on the road 365 days a year, 24 hours per day.

We offer several payment methods to make budgeting that much easier: Monthly Payment Schedule, Pay Per Visit, One Off Full Contract Payment.

We also can offer discounted rates to schools, councils, hospitals and registered charities.

Services are designed to suit your needs.



If you have an emergency drain services need, please call us on 0800 234 3299 or email [email protected]

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Residential & Commercial Drain Maintenance Contract

All the drainage system looks all good at the initial time but after some years, if the regular maintenance is not followed then it will lead to a drain blockage situation. So there comes the point in where maintenance is necessary. Like all other systems, drains over time would experience some hiccups or wear & tear. Both outdoor and indoor drains have an equal chance of problems. Timely maintenance and cleaning can help with keeping your drainage in check and working well.

Some of the common reasons why drainage should be maintained regularly:

Preventing Serious Drain Blockage

Many things and debris like hair, soap scum, grease, and even coffee grounds would block the drainage lines after some period of time. The tree roots in drain can clog the drain pipes, it also makes crack in the pipe that lead to leakage of drain. Although we puts drain grates, its unable to filter out small debris. So regular cleaning and inspection help to ensure very few debris are left stuck. It can also help extend the lifespans of drainage pipes and other accessories like catch basins, drain grates, and so on.

Reduce lingering smell in odors

After some time debris or mold stuck in any drain accessories tends to produce a foul smell. It also depends on location where these derbies get stucked, it could also trap sewer water, adding to the foul stench. A good wash down and cleaning can get rid of the smell in no time. Drain grates should be cleaned as well, as mold and dirt can also retain on the underside or between the openings.

Safer and clean outdoor

When drains outdoors get clogged, it can lead to a few in flowed water retention problems. For one, it becomes an ideal insect breeding ground. A build-up puddle of water with the constantly soaked surrounding soil is like a breeding buffet spot for many insects, especially mosquitoes. The surrounding landscape can also get affected. If a small body of water were to start forming, it is best to do some quick checks and clearing quickly.

Keeps the drain clear

Whenever drains get blocked, it gives many early signs, so that’s why drainage maintenance is always like the saying, “Prevention is better than cure.”  Having frequent checks and maintenance can help to offset later problems that might be harder to resolve. A well-planned drainage system could improve the maintenance, with more access points to pipes and drainage accessories or placed in easy to reach areas.