CCTV survey is an in-depth check on your drainage using CCTV cameras that are strategically inserted in your drains. The cameras enable engineers to look inside your drainage system without damaging them.

Why do I need a CCTV drain survey?

CCTV drain surveys give you the actual picture of what’s happening inside your drainage system. A CCTV survey helps you identify problems and would be problems in the future. It gives you a full picture of what repairs you would want to do before signing that contract paper.

What are the pieces of equipment used in the CCTV drain survey?

Here are some of the possible tools that a technician will bring during a CCTV drain survey:

  • Waterproof cameras: These cameras can operate even underwater. It should be small to fit in tight places.
  • Access rods: They push the cameras to strategic places where they should be put on. They are your guiding rods on the turns and corners of a drainage system.
  • Crawlers: They are remotely operated tools used to show visual access to your drainage system.
  • Sonar units: These are primarily used in filled pipes. They operate primarily through sound.

What is The Process of a CCTV Drain Survey?

  1. Call your local drainage contractor: Set up a schedule that works for you and them.
  2. The meet up: Your local drainage contractors will meet you. You tell them your initial observations. They’ll ask you several questions. After discussing, they’ll set up the equipment.
  3. CCTV insertion: The technicians/engineers will access an opening in your drainage system and will insert a CCTV camera in strategic places.
  4. CCTV viewing: The camera would enable the engineers to have a real-time view of your drainage system. Blockages, cracks, and damage would be identified by this time.
  5. Reports: Once the engineers identified the problems in your drainage, they’ll report their findings to you. They’ll also recommend solutions for your problems. You can set up another meeting for the actual repair, or you can ask them to repair the damage right away.

How Long Does it Take to clear Blocked Drains?

Drain cleaning, when done by professionals, just takes a couple of hours. They can fix the smallest blockage for up to three hours. In those three hours, they already completely installed their draining equipment. Depending on their equipment, the tools could be a pressurized water jet or a simple that’s attached to a specialized machine.