A blocked drain is a problem that requires your immediate attention to avoid liquids backing up into the inside of the drains. There are many methods that can unblock your drain, and using a drain rod is the most common and more straightforward method for clearing a drain.

How does Drain Rodding work?

The process of drain rodding involves attaching multiple rods to one another and pushing them down your drainage system to remove blockages. After rodding, the drains can be flushed with a pressure hose to clear any debris fully.

Are Drain Rods Effective at unblocking drains?

Drain blockages are caused by a variety of elements, including pipe damage, rodent infestations, build-up of fats, or tree root penetration.

Drain rodding is one of the most commonly used drain unblocking methods, as there are different drain rods and unblocking tools that are available to clear your drains.

Can Drain Rods go around bends?

It is possible for drain rods to go around bends; just make sure that you are using the right kind of rod. Ensure that you are using a highly flexible drain rod that can bend and adapt to the shape of the pipes.

If you’re not sure about what you are doing, contact and consult your local drain specialist.

Drain Rods Effective to unblock drains

Can Drain Rods cause problems in your drains?

As mentioned before, drain rods are great for unblocking drain issues and removing any debris. But sometimes, using a drain rod to unblock your drains can cause problems, and this is almost always that the rods can get stuck or detach into the drain pipes.

Once a rod is stuck, it is time to call your drain specialist.

When do you need to unblock your Drains?

There are many signs that your drains are blocked. This includes the following:

  • Water is drained slowly than usual
  • Hearing unfamiliar noise when you pull the drain plug
  • Reeking odour coming from your drains

You can contact your drain specialist as they can identify and locate the problem within your drains.

Drain Specialist to Clear Your Drains

Why do you need a Specialist to clear your drain?

Like we talked about earlier, unblocking a drain with a drain rod can be an easy or complicated task. There are a variety of types of structures and debris that can cause the exterior of the drains to clog. Therefore, a professional diagnosis is needed in order for you to proceed.

Drain specialists are best suited to deal with sewage drain blockage. While you might usually expect to have a great result with using drain rods on your own, the issues with stuck drain rods can cause further problems in your drains. All the thrashing about can often cause the rods to unscrew and fall into the drainage system.

Drain specialists have several methods ready in place to retrieve stuck drain rods.

In summary, contact your drain specialist to unblock your drains since they have all the necessary tools and they can use them effectively to the best of their ability.