Everyday numbers of individuals in the United Kingdom (U.K) are dying due to the Coronavirus pandemic or COVID-19 disease. The Department of Health & Social Care reported above 737 dead as of April 12, 2020. It brings the total number of deaths to 10,612 in the U.K alone.

Aside from the growing death count, businesses in the U.K are either subjected to mandatory close down or are forced to make revisions to their current business models.

According to Chief Scientific Officer Patrick Vallance, they see a slight flattening of the curve in the Coronavirus pandemic in the U.K. Although this might be a good luck sign for businesses, as long as there isn’t any vaccine used to decontaminate the world from the virus, the forced lockdown of businesses and activities would most likely perpetuate.

Here at MRDrains, we are open for business as usual but with drastic changes in our way of servicing commercial and residential structures. The changes we’ve adapted follows the state orders and practices during this pandemic. We know that even in a pandemic like this, drain problems never cease to exist. That’s why even in these dangerous times, we will still offer our services but with precaution.

In detail, here at MRDrains, we adhere to 5 safety practices in dealing with our customers on the field. These 5 practices are based on the decontamination practice of social distancing.

1) We insist on a Contactless Service

In a contactless service, we prefer if our personnel don’t engage closely with the customers. That means we won’t get your signature and you can’t come near us either when we work.

2) On-call query

We are entertaining queries via phone call. Try not to visit us in our base if your query can be expressed via phone call.

3) Maintaining Social Distance

Maintaining social distance is one of the measures we observe inside our base as well as when our guys go out in the fields. This measure is to protect our employees’ safety as well as yours. Social distancing nowadays is a must, and it’s one of the basic fighting mechanisms we can use as of the moment to prevent the infection.

4) Our personnel’s are suited up for protection

Our guys are downed with complete PPE equipment upon entering your vicinity. From masks to gloves, our guys are suited up to prevent them from catching anything, and that goes the same to you too.

5) Disinfecting before and after our specialists enter a vicinity

Aside from washing our hands regularly in the office, before entering a customer’s vicinity, our team is armed with alcohol sprays to disinfect their hands. Our equipment is thoroughly disinfected before and after service.