A blocked sewer is not a pretty sight (and smell). Aside from the nasty smell, a blocked sewer fiasco is a nuisance in your household. Your family’s health is at risk if the onset of a blocked sewer situation is not treated.

There are a lot of reasons as to why your sewer could be blocked. Understanding the root of why your sewer is blocked in the first place helps a lot during the de-clogging process. For example, if it is just a simple build-up of goo, a chemical drain cleaning product might do. However, if it is something more terrible than scum, you might need some specialized tools or machines. Before anything else, let’s discuss first the possible reasons of blocked sewer:

Blocked Sewer from Human Hair:

Blocked Sewer from Human Hair
Hair. Innocent as the word sounds, hair, when accumulated and not taken out for a year, can cause a blocked sewer.
Hair falls out of the body every time anybody takes a shower or does something in the sink. Let’s say you are a family of five, all living in the same house. When falling hair strands constantly go down the drain for a year, it can accumulate down the pipe in a one-year worth of hair volume. That is enough to create a blocked sewer.

Blocked Sewer from Dirt and Plants:

Blocked Sewer from Dirt and Plants
Pipes and drains are usually hidden beneath the ground, but there can be exposed pipes too. Exposed pipes are susceptible to plant and dirt debris build-up. That is why, during fall or spring, always try to clean up your front and backyard thoroughly.
It is also advisable to not plant trees near the drains as their growing roots can reach these drains and break them and sometime even goes inside, which requires to remove tree root from drain.

Food and Oil Debris Build-Up:

Food and Oil Debris Build-Up
Remember when your mom would always say that you shouldn’t dispose of your cooking oil or your food down the sink? Food and cooking oil can contribute to the development of a blocked sewer. Fat from oil and food can build up on the edges and walls of the sewer.

Blocked Sewer Due to Toiletries:

Blocked Sewer Due to Toiletries
I could never understand why some people like to dispose of their nappies, tissues, and napkins to toilets. First, it’s an irresponsible act, and second, it’s just downright disgusting.
Oftentimes, disposed toiletries are the main reason why toilets are clogged. If this act is not condoned immediately and no treatment whatsoever is applied, it can lead to a more terrible problem like a blocked sewer.

Water Jetting Machines

The Water Jetting Machine is a new machine to check out if you are looking for something high-tech to resolve your blocked sewer problem. Water Jetting Machines are also called Hydro Jet Cleaning Machines.

The main feature of a water jetting machine is its powerful water blasting effect. The water blasting effect is used to unclog drains, pipes, and sewers from any debris. The machine is so potent for blasting off debris that you can only use it one session per problem.

In water jetting machines, the key features to look for are “pressure and flow.” Both pressure and flow should be evenly powerful. Why? If you wanted to receive the optimum results, check both features.

Water Jetting Machines

A high-pressure water blast in a water jetting machine can easily eliminate hardened build-ups. On the other hand, longer flows can easily remove softer debris and have a little chance of damaging your sewer pipes. What’s great about water jetting machines is that you can easily adjust the pressure and flow combination according to your sewer’s problem.

So how powerful are water jetting machines? With the right pressure, a water jetting machine can get rid of chemical, rubber, rust, paint, fat, solid non-biodegradable build-up all in one blast. The water can also reach narrower pipes.

Another great thing about water jetting machines is its tendency not to corrode any material. Unlike other chemical draining products, they can corrode and damage the surfaces of sewers and pipes. When the surface materials are corroded, it can break the whole pipe.

Water jetting machines don’t harm the environment, unlike some chemically produced draining products.

Why and When Do You Need It?

A water jetting machine is a necessary machine for each household. Seriously, it is most unlikely that you’ll not encounter blocked sewer problems even once your lifetime. So, try to search for a dependable water jetting machine product now. If you need further reasons as to why you should buy one, have a read through the following points:

  1. Water jetting machines do not only unclog pipes, but they also provide a cleaner sewer for your household: Water jetting machines’ main purpose is to prevent the possible development of diseases. A blocked sewer is an attractive environment for viruses and bacteria.
  2. Water jetting machine has absolute power in unclogging debris: A water jetting machine is a good investment. If you are looking forward to a one-time or long-time unclogging treatment for your sewer, this machine is for you.
  3. Water jetting machine is not expensive compared to unclogging services: Using a water jetting machine is a one-time deal. For emergency purposes, you can reuse your water jetting machine. Drain unclogging services is not a one-time deal. There is a high chance of calling the same service again and again. One service can cost a lot, imagine paying them multiple times for the same service.
  4. Water jetting machines do not harm the environment: Water jetting machines spew water only. Unlike corrosive substances that can harm the environment, water jetting machines don’t. Plus, water can’t damage water pipes and sewers.

To answer the question of “when do you need to buy one,” you need it now. You don’t know when will your “blocked sewer problem” arise.

Final Thought

Buying a house has a lot of responsibilities. You just don’t own it, and you got to keep tabs on the different aspects of the house (for example, the sewer).

Keeping a healthy and clean sewer is a must to prevent diseases and illnesses from developing. Water jetting machines can help you in that section.